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The e-MailUs Disclaimer

The Value of Email Disclaimers

"The value of any email disclaimer is subject to
the sender being able and willing to identify someone
who misused a message, prove misuse and take the case to court."
- Charles Christacopoulos, University of Dundee.

You are hereby granted permission to read the rest of this page...

Stupid Disclaimers

Stupid disclaimers are not in the best interest of any organization. E-mailUs will not put it's personal need to be "seen to be doing something" above the interests of the public or it's account holders.

Therefore, let it be known that...

  • Email can be very easily forged. Be aware that there are resources regarding this.
  • Email can easily be misaddressed. Should you receive such a message please inform the sender and respect the senders wishes where appropriate.
  • Email may be intercepted, or even tampered with by third parties outside of e-MailUs.
  • e-MailUs declares that to the best of it's ability email will not be intercepted and/or tampered with by it's staff.
  • Should a recipient receive or suspect an email forgery has originated from e-MailUs please use the 'Contact Us' form on the e-MailUs home page to raise an alert.
  • At no time will e-MailUs distribute any policy or policy changes to users via email. An email may be generated as an alert to changes of policy only to indicate where the policy can be read on the e-MailUs website.
  • To find the disclaimer version that was published at any time in the past (particularly at the time that a particular message was received) you may check here.

This is Disclaimer Version 1
(No version preceeds this version.)

Disclaimer by Graham J. Clarke Jan2005

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